Study in France

Study In France

France is a developed country which is most renowned for its art and culture. France has a prestigious education system which has worldwide reputation. There are numerous educational institutes and Universities in France which offer various practical courses. Students can easily choose full time classes or part time classes and the class schedule as per their requirement. French people always like to welcome new international students and visitors from all around the world. In Medieval time Students came to study medicine, law and theology from other countries. A large number of students get admission every year in France because they know that they are going to get best education in all aspects. Moreover, there are other facts also which make living in France more attractive.

  • Easy approach to European Countries
  • France is 6th Largest Economy in the world.
  • Mild and Pleasant Climate whole year

People gets a quality life in France in low cost. Affordable and excellent healthcare is available in France. People in France like to live a balanced life. Loans are easily granted to students. Tuition Fees and study cost is also less if we compared with other developed countries. Students get a chance to explore one of the most amazing countries in the world. Museums, Wine and Art are most appealing things of this amazing country.

SKEMA Business School

Undergraduate programmes

  • Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) in Global Management
  • BBA in International Business


Graduate programmes

  • Master in Management (Grande Ecole programme)


Postgraduate programmes

  • Specialised Masters
  • MSc


Executive education

  • Executive Education


Normandy Business School


  • Bachelor MI – International Business option – Pass-World Admissions



  • Grande Ecole Programme – Pass-World Admissions



  • MSc International Events Management
  • MSc Cross Cultural Marketing and Negotiation
  • MSc International Logistics and Port Management
  • MSc Supply Chain Management
ISC Paris School of Management

Bachelor’s Study

  • Business, management and organization
  • Supply chain management
  • E-commerce and digital marketing
  • International advertising and public relations
  • Fundamental strategy
  • Human resource
  • Theater in English


Master degree

  • International Finance
  • International Business and Marketing
  • International Project Development & Management
  • Luxury Hotel Management
  • Luxury Marketing
  • Cosmetics and Fragrances
ISEP Paris
  • IE.2402 Sensors and Applications
  • IE.2403 Computer Architecture (2.5 credit units)
  • IE.2405 Architecture and VLSI Design (5 credit units)
  • IE.2406 Radio-frequency Systems
  • IE.3502 Reliability
  • IE.3503 System Implementation
  • IE.3507 Automatic Control (2.5 credit units)
  • IE.3509 Embedded Calculators (5 credit units)
  • IE.3510 System Constraints and Implementation (5 credit units)
  • IG.2301 / IG.2401 Digital Signal Processing (2.5 credit units)
  • IG.2306 / IG.2406 Compression and Transmission Techniques (2.5 credits)
  • IG.2307 – Data Acquisition and Processing
  • IG.3504 Mixed and Augmented Reality
  • IG.3507 Radiocommunication Systems Performances (5 credit units)
  • II.2301 Security
  • II.2303 Advanced Databases
  • II.2310/II.2410 C Language Programming (2.5 credit units)
  • II.2403 Advanced Databases and Big Data
  • II.2407 System Programming (2.5 credit units)
  • II.3501 IT Security
  • II.3502 Distributed progamming and architecture
  • II.3503 Big Data
  • II.3504 Data Mining
  • II.3506 Advanced Web Technologies
  • II.3507 Advanced Data Mining
  • II.3510 Mobile development (5 credit units)
  • II.3512 Organization of Business and Information Systems (5 credit units)
  • II.3516 Programming Languages and Compilers (2.5 credit units)
  • IR.1101 Networks Fundamentals
  • IR.2404 Routing Protocols and Concepts (5 credit units)
  • IR.2405 Local Network Switching (2.5 credit units)
  • IR.2406 Networks Security
  • IR.3501 Networks Security
  • IR.3504 Convergent Services and Technologies
  • BIR.3505 Advanced Routing and Architectures (5 credit units)
  • IT.2301 / IT.2401 Internet of Things
  • IT.3504 Broadcasting and Localisation (5 credit units)
  • IX.2408 Project and Introduction to Research
  • M.GC101 Management Training I
  • M.GC203 Management Training II
  • M.IT204 System Integration

MASTER Programmes

  • Master Grande Ecole (Marketing & Management)
  • Master Grande Ecole (Management & Business Development)
  • Master of Business Administration – Geopolitics and International Business – Entrepreneurship and International Business Development – Communication and Project Management
  • Master of Business Administration – International Business
  • Master of Business Administration – New Business Models
  • Master Luxury Industry in International Market
  • MSc. In International Business
  • Professional Master in Human Resources Management
  • Master of Business Administration/ International Business Development

Bachelor Programmes

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor in Marketing and International Business
  • Bachelor in Management and International Business (Third year)
  • Bachelor in Fashion and Luxury Retail Management
  • Bachelor in Marketing and Business Development (Third year)